How to download MovieBox 3.2 for Ios 8

This is perhaps one of the most important moviebox sections of this write up where you will be shown how to download this amazing movie watching app. When you have an Apple product with an operating system of Ios 8, you will just need to the safari page and input the page link as

Following this the landing page of movie box will come up and you will be required to put in the password as ‘moviebox’. In this step consider the fact that you are almost done with the installation process as you will now just have to click on the ‘install’ button and wait for few minutes. The internet speed of your device will decide how fast the downloading and installing will get over. Somewhere here iOS will ask you whether you want to go ahead with the installation process with or not.

Just confirm that you want to continue with the process and in the blink of an eye your installation will get completed. Follow the steps and you will be steps away from enjoying movies. The collection of movies is huge and you will spend hours on Movie Box. From age old classics to modern day action movies, you will not be disappointed when you check out the gallery.

Different versions of Music Paradise Pro

The users may get confused while installing the application. There are actually music paradise two version of the application.

But both of the versions are absolutely handy for the users and can be easily downloaded. The basic application is known as the music paradise application and the up-graded version is known as the music paradise pro application. There are no as such differences in both the application.

The main application is for the new users who had stepped into the world of android recently. The search tab is a bit slow compared to the latest version. There are also changes in the graphical interfaces and download processes. The download of songs takes more steps and for searching the song the proper keyword must be used. As the related search feature in the basic application is not advanced in the basic version. The interfaces of both the applications are pretty cool.

How Xender works?

Xender is a file sharing application which can send data to 5 different devices at a time. This thing gives us a pretty idea about how super this application is. The application is developed in China and now the whole world uses this application for file sharing xender app purposes. Most of the other applications in the Google store use the Wi-Fi connection to send the file to the other devices over a Wi-Fi connection.

But this Xender application is bit different from any other application in the store. The application uses the hotspot feature to send data from one device to other. With the hotspot facility available in both the phones, one with the sender and other one with the receiver, the data can be sent at a lightning speed. Added to the features of data sharing the device has got some other features which makes it one of the most favored application among the users.


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